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We are there from start to finish, from packing to unpacking, We are there for you! let us get you moved today!

We enjoy larger jobs but aren’t afraid of the Giant ones either, We can help you move just about anything anywhere.From one location to the other; The adventure begins! Let’s get you sorted out, packed up, moved, unpacked, sorted again, and all set up. Presto!

Providing Packing Services in Niagara and st.catharines area.
We offer better prices than the other guys. We offer Premium Packing Services at a discount price.
We can beat other rates by at least 10%! just ask

Home Moving

Moving out of your house could be one of the hardest time of your life,  let  moving make it one of the best.  we take all the stress out of moving. gently placing your belongings in our truck,  and making our way to your new destination or the new place you will call home.  we are top rated Movers…  just ask our customers.  We offer flexible moving times and very competitive pricing most often thought of as the best lowest cost moving company in Niagara.  Call moving today

Office Moving

so you’re making the move to a new office or you’re making a move from one office to the other.  no matter the size we have you covered.  we can help you move on weekends and get you all set back up to continue business on Monday as usual.  not many moving companies will help you set backup that is just one of the services we offer here at  moving.  we can move heavy photocopiers,  machinery,  and other office equipment like desks and chairs and fridges and water coolers.. you name it we can move it.

Senior Moving

So you have decided that you want to move into a home or you have decided that Mom and Dad need help moving.  we are the company for exactly that we can help your Elder move into wherever they need.  having them feel safe and comfortable and having a proper honest moving company by their side to do just that move them into their new home.

Piano Moving, pool table, hot tubs, etc.

remove add items all the time like hot tubs pianos desks Buffet cabinets TVs armoires.  even that one or two item move we can do that.  we often deliver from companies like the brick.  JYSK.  Sears.  Home Depot. Rona and many other high-profile stores that the stuff you need is just way too big or there’s just way too much of it.  we will help you…. give us a call today for whatever your inquiry.  you name it we can move it/

Packing Services

are you looking for a few guys to help you pack up all your stuff and move it to your new house?  do not have time or energy for all that packing/ well then  moving to all the hard work for you.  we will gently pack all of your stuff Furniture pool tables desks dishes the whole entire house, If you name it we can move it, we will pack it. and we will help you unpack it and set it up at your new location wherever that may be.

Full Services Moves

full-service moves for commercial and residential. from start to finish from Gathering up all your belongings and boxing them to unpacking them and setting it back up we’re by your side to get the job done.

Moving Supplies

We can supply you with boxes dollies moving equipment and everything else you need to be able to get your move done.  of course, we are attached to that.  and offers are moving services with any moving supplies.

Storage Facilities, We deal with many and can refer you to one.

We deal with mini storage facilities that can store Your items.

Niagara Residential Moving

moving an entire family home in one day is something we do most often box it all up get it over to where it needs to be gently unpack it set it back up and shake your hand with a job well done. choose moving and you will not be disappointed.

Niagara Commercial Moving

from Factory equipment and Machinery that is carryable by a human being we can move it from one spot to the next we can help you and quote you on any commercial move moving all of the office supplies over to the new building and helping you set it back up or doing it for you one of the other whichever you may prefer. be smart and choose  moving for all your moving needs

Niagara Business Moving

business to business moves or moving things around inside of a business we can even do that too.  we offer very competitive pricing for moving a business from one spot to the next. sometimes businesses don’t have that much at all to move we don’t mind give us a call anyhow, save your day save your energy end call  moving

Niagara Apartment Moving

are you moving into an apartment or out of an apartment do you have massive amounts of stuff to take up and down the elevator or in some cases, you don’t have an elevator and you have to take the stairs to move everything, well look no further  moving is here to save the day. moving couches, bar stools, hutches, armoires, clothes from all the bedrooms, and everything else you might not even want to move. such as mattresses bed frames box springs double-door fridges all that sort of stuff, we at  moving do that on a regular basis a day doesn’t go by where we are not on a move helping someone move from one apartment to the next. we understand times may be tough and we can negotiate the best price for you for your move. do yourself a favor and call  moving today