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Niagara's #1 Moving Company

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Niagara's #1 Moving Company

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We are moving experts

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St.Catharines Moving Company | Niagara Moving

Niagara Moving / St.Catharines moving company

This is the new guy in town! Traditional moving companies don’t stand a chance. Moving is 1st choice for all your moving needs! You wanna save some time and Money call -! Niagara Movers who value your time and money. We get right to it. Let’s get you moved!

Niagara moving services

Niagara Moving for those young or old; as a qualified moving company with many jobs under our belt and a perfect record of success – we strive to be the best moving company in Niagara – and we are just that, ask our customers. Everyone who has used us speaks volumes about our great moving services. Let us get you moved to where you want to go next, life throws adventures of all sorts at you; and moving locations is just that; an adventure. – Why not make a friend or two while you are at it! our friendly team is here for you from start to finish. We can even help your elderly relatives move into a home, just one of the services that we offer.

Moving families, seniors, students, charities, group homes, small offices and large corporations is not the only types of moves we do, We have a wide range. Contact us today.

Free quote/estimate from professionals and a local moving company at the cheapest rate possible. We move it all. full house moves, pianos, offices, retirement homes, appliance removal/delivery.

– Moving is #1 Niagara Moving company, Residential / Commercial movers providing services to Niagara Falls, Welland, Hamilton and St.Catharines area. Furniture moving including pianos, hot tubs, and Fridges / Stoves. Niagara Movers free estimates. Full house moving appliance delivery by local movers.

All of your furniture is wrapped and padded as well as mattress are bagged.

With  moving, you can trust that we will take care of your furniture and valuables as if they were our own. We are fully trained and are capable of heavy lifting and transportation. Professional movers, we’re here to make your move easy, free quote, we move it all, fast and responsible. We wrap and pad all your furniture.

We can help you move to anywhere in the Niagara region Hamilton or Toronto areas.

 Moving is very different from the big guys, the other guys offer teaser rates and prices and then the move cost, in the end, is very high. Moving is very accurate with our pricing and gives the best deal every time!. Our movers are some of the best in the industry. We offer flexible move times and We can move basically everything you own.

We can help you move early morning or even during the day and even late at night  We can help you move on Weekends; our schedules are very flexible!  We can move mom and dad into the nursing home.  and help them get set up in their new home.  We can move pianos pool tables desks chairs and everything in the garage can neatly pack it,  label it and put it where it needs to go and whichever room you want We respect your belongings and  Moving is as careful as possible with them.  please give us a call today for a free estimate of your moving needs.  redo everything from small residential moves two large corporate offices that have to be moved and We can even help you get set back up.

Give us a call today and We can schedule you in for a move We can give you an accurate estimate and I’m sure you Were happy with the job We do.  -Moving is highly rated.  all of our customers are happy with our service and We don’t charge that much.  you should call us before you call anyone else because you will realize that Moving is the lowest price in the Niagara region.  larger companies make up prices as they go along pay a bill on the Weight and they often lie about that.  this is why you come to us and honest moving company who treats everyone like family. You shouldn’t trust anyone else. The average person only moves a few times in their life,  so in saying that We want to ensure that We get repeat business even years down the road when you’re ready to move on to your next adventure you will remember moving as a positive experience.  anyone selling their home or needs their home cleaned out of junk they can call us.  We move appliances and furniture and all sorts of stuff for every customer both residential and Commercial.  You should make the smart choice and choose moving.  you will be very glad that you decided to go with us versus the other guy.

Here at Moving, We have NO HIDDEN FEES, no fuel charge, no charge for any supplies, no extra fees.
We are offering the CHEAPEST RATE and definitely one of the greatest company’s for the easiest move, let us take the stress out of moving for you.

– 1 guy and truck 60$ hr.
– 2 guys and truck 90$ hr.
– 3 guys and truck 110$hr.

Fill in the form for a FREE ESTIMATE.
– Always on time.
– We bag mattresses, supply wardrobe boxes, and bring all tools needed to assemble and disassemble.
– We have a 19 and a 24-foot truck.
– All furniture is wrapped and padded.
– Dolly’s, straps and all equipment needed.

*St.Catharines, Thorold *Port Colborne, Fort Erie, Stevensville, Welland, Lincoln, Niagara on the lake, Niagara Falls, Beamsville, Grimsby, Hamilton and more.

– We work with commercial and residential *Office Moves
– Full house moves
– Deliveries
– Pianos
– appliance removal
– Commercial deliveries and moves.

We take on both residential and commercial clients, so whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner we’ve got you covered.
Niagara Moving specialists  We can get you from one area to another moved in and everything. all the boxes moved and put where you need them. “Done and Done!”

Niagara Moving Services

  • Home Moving
  • Home Moving
  • Office Moving
  • Senior Moving
  • Piano Moving, pool table, hot tubs, etc.
  • Packing Services
  • Full Services Moves
  • Moving Supplies
  • Storage Facilities, We deal with many and can refer you to one.
  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Business Moving
  • Apartment Moving

Moving To or From:

  • Beamsville
  • Fort Erie
  • Grimsby
  • Lincoln
  • Niagara Falls
  • Niagara-on-the-lake
  • Pelham
  • Port Colborne
  • St.Catharines
  • Welland
  • Wainfleet